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Welcome to Black & Natural

Black'n Natural is a 100% natural hair product manufacturing company. With profound concern for the environment and our scalp, Black'n Natural prudently filters the active ingredients of researched plants grown in the grasslands of Cameroon to manufacture 100% eco-friendly hair cosmetics. From the biology of the hair to the chemistry of shampoos, pamper yourself and show your hair some love.

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Our Mission

A woman’s hair can either be the love or the bane of her life. Black n Natural aims to provide organic products and services that:

  • Are efficient in meeting customer needs at unbelievable prices
  • Produce natural plant based products
  • Provide hair care management to customers so they can grow long and healthy hair
  • Ensure all our customers are satisfied with the love and affection we show

Our Vision

To be among top five companies in Africa’s natural cosmetic industry and to contribute in the eradication of poverty through job creation for both skilled and unskilled labour in the next 5 to 10 years.

Our Team

Our Expert Doctors

Mechi B'n N
Founder Black'n Natural
Gillian B'n N
Stylist Hair Klinik
Laura B'n N
Stylist Hair Klinik